A detailed presentation on the QueLab’s Bylaws by John Anthes


Mirrophone Complete Description  by Steve Shepard

Little Know Radio

The Airway

Solar Radio presentation given at the SCARS meeting in Nov. 2017 by Bill Burkett

A  little known Radio, the Airway by John Anthes 

Knight Portable

Knight, by Allied, Portable Superheterodyne by Richard Majestic

 The Radio Repair Workshop  The Repairing workshop describes the tools, Analysis, the process of repairing and the alignment and testing involved. Article by Ed Brady 

Rádio Majestic Modelo 20 Grigsby Grunow 1931 Please check out the video from Richard Majestic’s Brazilian email pen-pal Moreas. He spent over a year rebuilding this Grigsby-Grunow Majestic 20.  He gave him a lot of moral support and some technical help along the way. People like Moreas make this radio restoration and collecting worth while. 

Sparton mirrored radios   Sparton Mirrored Radios, designed by Walter Dorwin 

Basic radio restoration session-1.pdf  – Outlines the tools, methods and lessons learned to restore antiques.

Dawn of Radio –  Pavek Museum Newsletter, Inside: The Dawn of Radio and The Mysterious Space Echo

Kokeshi Doll Germaphone Write Up

Introduction to SDR Radio world  –  SDR, Software Defined Radio