Meeting Details

Next Meeting:

November 18th 2020

The October meeting will NOT be held, The November Meeting will be held online over zoom.  Please contact for connecting details

November Meeting Theme is: Radio Repair Workshop with Richard Majestic AA12s

MEETING NOTICE! As a result of COVIN-19 and the State of New Mexico Orders, NMRCC will not be holding our regular monthly meeting at the QueLab.  Until the State of New Mexico restrictions on group meeting are lifted we will conduct our meetings online over ZOOM.
Except for the Summer/Fall picnics and the Christmas Party meetings are at the Q-lab and we welcome visitors.

Find an Interactive Map to the QuelGoogle-Map2ab here or click on the map.

Held at the  Quelab
680 Haines Avenue NW,    ABQ

Monthly meetings are usually held on the second Sunday of each month (except for special events and picnics) beginning at 1:00PM with a auction/swap meet, followed by the meeting indoors at 2 pm. 

Future Meeting information can be found on the calendar page – just click here