All are currently held over Zoom.
When conditions change they will be held at the Quelab.

Current Schedule is subject to change

May 16th Home-built crystal, tube, and transistor sets
June 13th Tube boxes, old radio books and text books, documents (manufacturer newsletters), and advertising items related to radios and broad-casting
July 11th . Unusual Devices/Stump the Experts- Unusual tubes, light bulbs, transistors, and radio parts. Also, who can identify that strange gizmo you found, or explain how an unusual object works
August 8th Wild Card Sunday
September 12th . 40s through 60s tube portable MW – SW radios
October 10th maybe the Ribeye Picnic and sale. Members and guests only.
November 14th Wild Card Sunday
December 12th Holiday Party & sale.  Members and guests only.

Guests are Welcome at all Regular Meeting

WHERE? Zoom or The QueLab – see Meeting Details for more info