January 13th – 40s through ‘60s tube portable MW – SW radios
February 10th – ’30s art deco radios, chrome chassis and intricate wood design radios
March 10thTechno Art and Techno Jewelry radio-electronics-science-related items that have been made into art or alternate use objects, such as tubes made into lamps, fish bowls
April 14th – Crosley tube radio sets
May 19th Spring Picnic  – hosted by Don M.
June 9th Methods of casting, replicating, and repairing radio parts
July 14th Radios with odd construction
August 11th Wild Card Sunday
September 15th Test equipment and class-room demonstration equipment, tube testers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, bridges, meters and etc
October 13th Fall Ribeye Steak Picnic (Majestic’s)
November 10th Magnetic tape and wire recorders
December 15th Holiday Party

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