All are held at the Quelab unless noted.

January 12th:  FM tuners
February 9th: Tube boxes, old radio books and text books, documents (manufacturer newsletters), and advertising items related to radios and broadcasting
March 8th: 1930s art deco radios, chrome chassis and intricate wood design radios
April 19th:  CANCELLED Due to Covid-19
May 10th:   Postponed till June 14th.
June 14th: Spring Picnic & sale – (John Anthes’s House) Members and guests only.
July 12th: Radio Repair Workshop with Les Davidson AA%s
August 9th: Wild Card Sunday
September 13th: Radios with odd construction
October 11th:  Fall Ribeye Steak Picnic (Wilson’s home, Las Cruces).  Members and guests only.
November 8th: Radio Repair Workshop with Richard Majestic AA12s
December 13th: Holiday Party & sale at Mark Topo’s home.  Members and guests only.

Guests are Welcome at all Regular Meeting

WHERE? The QueLab – see Meeting Details for more info