The NM Radio Collectors Club Celebrates 20 Years

It’s hard to believe that the New Mexico Radio Collectors Club is officially two decfirst-Newsletterades old. Many good people have worked hard to build and maintain this club, for all members to learn and enjoy the radio and technology collecting hobby, so we go to the next decade.

The official NMRCC formation date was January 1995. Ex-member Don Adamson provided the roadrunner and Zia logos that we’ve been using ever since.  The roadrunner could have been an idea that several had.   Don Adamson, as he was into computers and the internet back then, did a lot of the graphics stuff for the newsletter.  We all approved the final graphic logo.

The church we met at is long gone, stood alone, surrounded by mostly undeveloped land, now that Paseo Del Norte area is filled with shopping centers, restaurants, and stores.  Lars Roose was the editor/publisher of the first newsletter (see image), copies are available.