NMRCC 2018 Meeting Topics & Thoughts

January 14th – Old loudspeakers and microphones
February 11th – Pre-1930 radios
March 11th – Early FM Stereo receivers, amplifiers, and other vintage audio equipment
April 15th – Home built crystal, tube, and transistor sets
May 20th – Spring Picnic
June 10th – Atwater Kent tube radio sets
July 8th – Store branded radio sets (Airline, Trutone, Airchief, Silvertone and etc )
August 12th – Wild Card Sunday
September 9th – One tube radios
October 14th – Tour of the War Eagles Aviation Museum and lunch at Great American Steakhouse in Anthony TX
November 11th – Old test equipment, tube testers, RF signal generators, oscilloscopes, bridges, meters and etc
December 9th – Holiday Party

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